do your worst
throw your fist from the top of the fence
spit your vague recycled concept
teach the politics of linguistics
and your middle ground rhetoric
treat with a reworded indifference
strip it down to a product of privilege
wear it with rewarded contentment
smug, reserved, enlightened
scorekeeper for the last resort cannon fodder
its black and white and it does the trick
its a solid stance without having to think
keep it short, like its over our heads
how simple and safe
at best a fence, at worst a cage
alone on all sides yet you still line it with those same pieces of shit
that feign a dull roar but just whimper and hiss
an echo chamber to keep you convinced
that you're as much villain as a victim
you're neither
and when their numbers up, will you speak
or wage your own battle
with cold stares over miles
like your absence rattles any cage
deluded fuck


from Certain Death 7", released May 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Heartless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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