from by Heartless



Ambivalent to blood ties
Immune to the time lines
constraining the mindset that chaos with love binds
when this is all it is, and emptiness exists
our world is a bastard with nobody to answer for it
try dying slow, because nothing good happens quick
sling shit and know, none of it ever sticks
we spin
as spitting images of stones falling aimless for faith
wont learn in the landing dirts another word for fate
what luck to be dust on a shelf
thrust into blank space and told to find self
confronted with choice and convinced that its wealth
that pain is testament to the value of life
notes in your palm with the tip of a knife
every sense overwhelms
the epicenter of a romanticized hell
the center will never hold
the gravity of language is a hoax
emotions are just words that chemicals distort
the weight of consciousness is only a curse
the best is yet to come,
but i have seen no methods more rehearsed


from Certain Death 7", released May 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Heartless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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