Blank Pages And Broken Glass

by Heartless

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2008 Demo Tape


released December 31, 2008



all rights reserved


Heartless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Stagnant
Three times I walked the last mile.
Three times it never got any easier.
Unflinching faith torn apart from the inside.
You were my friends, You were my brothers.
Track Name: Broken Glass
I've closed doors on people I never got to meet.
So disgusted with my conformity.
With a sense of humor, but no self respect.
And I can't change who they'll always expect.
Cheap laughs for your approval, but self reflection projects the joke.
I could punch out the mirror, but what would it change.
Broken glass can't rewrite my history.
And staples can't hold every scar closed.
Track Name: Blank Pages
A flood of useless ideas leave, a book of pages as good as blank.
A river run dry, spread too thin.
Abused and polluted. Palm pressed on my forehead.
The lords calling, I won't call my own. Believe in some outdated myth, or admit my life was meant for dirt.
Once fertile soil, standing knee deep in fucking ash. Nothing but a lost potential for growth.
Every inch has been burnt out.
Palm pressed on the good book, but I'm still speaking in half truths.
There are questions and I cant find the answers.
And I got demons I can't leave in some confession booth.
A flood of useless ideals leave my mind, as good as blank.
Track Name: Life Of A Ghost
Staring cold into the river.
I've been throwing rocks at my body's polluted reflection.
The life of a ghost.
And all I want, is to fucking disappear.
Track Name: Legacy
A past like a shattered glass.
Nothing but remnants of places, times, and faces too blank,
to disconnected, to ever remember or put a name to.
A pictures worth a thousand words, but who the fuck is even listening?
Struggling against the current of a self-indulgent fantasy.
Coming to terms that I'll never leave a legacy.
They'll forget me.
They'll forget you.
Like we never really did ever exist.
What a fucking waste.
Track Name: Never Enough
A history of overwhelming inadequacy.
There's always someone there to put me in my place.
With immeasurable standards that I can't seem to face.
Never enough.
Why am I never the man,
Why am I never the son,
Why am I never the friend,
The something more I wish I could be?
And I mark my calendar.
Keep a tight schedule of eventual letdowns.
How could I expect you to be any different?
And I've had enough reality checks.
And I've been sizing my belts to fit around my neck.
Track Name: Heartless
A silhouette is my only company.
I'm a shadow of the man I used to be.
Portrait of pain cast on the wall, dull and listless.
The blurry edges of cynicism, the body of envy.
Trying to keep my head above the ground,
while the pain just buries me.
Trying to keep my head above the ground,
while the hate just buries me.
Resent everyone that I know with every step they take.
So secure in their success.
My only comfort is my disgrace.