Certain Death 7"

by Heartless

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released May 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Heartless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ruin
Woke up bleeding
never amazed how violent nights bleed into freshly darkened mornings
as indistinct blemishes become the closest thing to honesty I've felt this year
my face, the rorschach test, not wiped away it all just smears
nothing ever really leaves, without leaving its scars
and somethings they just don't go the way they promised us, head in hands
while convictions of only denial, dig deep in our skin
depression stakes its claim
its snuffing out the flame
that casts my shadow with every step,
its shapes blank stones, refuses poetic deaths
until i am forever undone
Track Name: Unsewn
Ambivalent to blood ties
Immune to the time lines
constraining the mindset that chaos with love binds
when this is all it is, and emptiness exists
our world is a bastard with nobody to answer for it
try dying slow, because nothing good happens quick
sling shit and know, none of it ever sticks
we spin
as spitting images of stones falling aimless for faith
wont learn in the landing dirts another word for fate
what luck to be dust on a shelf
thrust into blank space and told to find self
confronted with choice and convinced that its wealth
that pain is testament to the value of life
notes in your palm with the tip of a knife
every sense overwhelms
the epicenter of a romanticized hell
the center will never hold
the gravity of language is a hoax
emotions are just words that chemicals distort
the weight of consciousness is only a curse
the best is yet to come,
but i have seen no methods more rehearsed
Track Name: Vignette
Can you thrive in the cracks of the concrete?
Will you feed it beauty, but relent to feeling incomplete?
as the darkness on the edge of the lens
leave it all on the fray
where the big picture meets the frame
none of the guilt, all of the blame
bringing no burdens, but shoulder the weight
unworthy seed, dormant in me
sought as a solution, born to know only the pain
Track Name: Excess
15 flights of crossed out names
succumbed to the doubts, bit bullets and bowed out
short ends of every compromise
just short of worth in our eyes
ragdoll deadweight freefall
the freedom of total indifference
Track Name: Mute
do your worst
throw your fist from the top of the fence
spit your vague recycled concept
teach the politics of linguistics
and your middle ground rhetoric
treat with a reworded indifference
strip it down to a product of privilege
wear it with rewarded contentment
smug, reserved, enlightened
scorekeeper for the last resort cannon fodder
its black and white and it does the trick
its a solid stance without having to think
keep it short, like its over our heads
how simple and safe
at best a fence, at worst a cage
alone on all sides yet you still line it with those same pieces of shit
that feign a dull roar but just whimper and hiss
an echo chamber to keep you convinced
that you're as much villain as a victim
you're neither
and when their numbers up, will you speak
or wage your own battle
with cold stares over miles
like your absence rattles any cage
deluded fuck
Track Name: Unhinged
Relent, draw blood, repent
draw your lines and press your back against the corner
face a world with a staring problem eye to eye
no more forgive and resent
show how easy it would have been to hold their tongues
avoid the regrets of the spineless, of the cowards...
Track Name: Certain Death
Still paying to homage to a home, more often a grave
such glory, ornamented in decay
doom struck echoes torment
with the language of loss
with the presence of rot
followed footsteps with phantoms of dead friends
lay the bricks in a city of dead ends
cold with old loyalties
and cruel formalities
resigned and praising for our paradise
not a doubt in our minds, stop talking and die
follow suit of your saviors, stop talking and die
chase the lights of idle minds
reflect the wills of the undefined
legitimize every breath
with another shallow gasp
or another certain death